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Oct 13, 2015


Alan A. Brazis, CPEA, Regional Risk Control Manager, USI-Southeast

Warehouse Risk Assessment and TOUR

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2011 Shooting Star Award

2010 Shooting Star Award

2010 Shooting Star Award

President Message

President, Christopher H. Kittleson, ARM


Dear Members of the South Florida Chapter of ASSE,

It is a great honor and pleasure to serve as your President of this distinguished Chapter of ASSE for the 2015 - 2016 Chapter Year. As President, I would like to propose a theme for this year which is “Accept the quest to be your best and put your limits to the test”. To put it another way:  Envision a better future for yourself, your family, your career and your community and challenge yourself to make that future a reality.

As a Member of ASSE for the past 17 years I have noted that the experience of holding office in the Chapter makes you into a different person than the one you used to be. I would say this is actually true for any Member that spends time committed to the professionalism, growth and sharing encouraged by this Chapter.  From what I’ve have personally and professionally experienced by actively participating in the Chapter, everybody who regularly attends and takes on roles at meetings has an amazing and noticeable transformation for the better. In support of this, the South Florida Chapter of ASSE provides a beneficial environment where we can all come together to share ideas, learn, network as well as give back to our profession and community.

The South Florida Chapter of ASSE is a catalyst for making sure that inevitable change leads to growth and positive transformation.  I urge each and everyone one of you to become more involved by attending our monthly meetings and inviting a guest, recruit new Members for ASSE as well as share your skills and knowledge with the Chapter to assist in sustaining our growth and presence within our region.

Yours in safety,
Christopher H. Kittleson, ARM

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